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Our Recent Projects

As we keep mentioning, we take pride in our carefully designed irrigation systems. We want to provide examples of just what we mean. Large or modest acreage, you can see our coverage is spot on. Below are some projects we have completed recently. 
Large Acreage Irrigation
This client did not have irrigation and had cleared out a new area to add to their lawn. We installed nineteen zones over a large area and photos are taken before we started, during and in the peak of August. We will be completing an add-on for him in Spring of 2021 for more area he wants to add to a newly cleared area.

"So, it's 7:55 PM and I've been standing in my living room for 30 mins watching the symphony of water you created. I can't control much in life but I sure enjoy watching each zone go off. I also want to say thank you for recommending the Rain Bird iPhone App, I use it all the time! BTW, everyone else's lawn is crisp in my neighborhood and ours looks like Augusta National. Many, many thanks Santos people..."

J. Magner

Sod Irrigation
This client redesigned their front yard. We installed irrigation and they added sod as a fast solution to a lawn. 
Whitcomb Project
unnamed (12).jpg
Irrigation In Action
Running irrigation systems we installed. 
Modest Irrigation
This client re-loamed their front yard. We installed irrigation and they sprayed hydroseed and had grass in two weeks.
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