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Quality Irrigation Services

Is installing an irrigation system at your home or business worth it?


Water and oxygen are a key component for all living organisms to thrive. If you rely solely on "mother nature" to water your lawn and gardens you run the risk of losing time and money spent in making your outdoor space peaceful, beautiful and colorful. Curb appeal is a key factor in property value and resale. Conserving water and energy is another important component to make priority while installing irrigation at your home or business.

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Full Irrigation Installs - The Process


Are you thinking about installing Irrigation but not sure where to start?

You are in the right place! We will explain our process from start to finish so you have a clear outline of what to expect.

  • Our team will schedule a time for you to meet with our Irrigation Designer where they will gather key information at your property visit. We will need access at the time of our visit to your water supply and electrical options for your controller. We will want to gather as much information for your current and future yardscape plans. This will help our team to envision the full picture in order to provide the most accurate estimates. 

  • Spring & fall are the ideal seasons to install irrigation systems for lawns that will require new loam, seed, sod and/or hydro-seeding. Spring & fall are also months where irrigation turn-on's and shut-downs are in high volume as well. Planning is very important during these months. This is helpful information in planning your project with other contractors. 

  • Irrigation is one of the last steps of the transition process for a lawn makeover, however, a consult before you complete your design is key in helping insure water can get to all areas you want, cost-effectively.

  • If loam is needed, we install the irrigation after the loam has been spread and leveled. We then install the irrigation. Then the seeding, sod or hydro-seed gets installed.

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What makes us different?

Our Irrigation Design Team takes pride on carefully and strategically designing irrigation systems that will effortlessly provide controllable water to desired areas. The best way for your system to work most efficiently for you is to have flexibility in watering different locations in your yard with different plantings adequately without water waste. The easiest way to explain this is think of lights in your home. If the bedroom and kitchen were on the same light switch would you be wasting energy if you were not in one of those rooms but the lights were on? 

  •  We use only the most sophisticated and long lasting materials to design an irrigation system that will nourish your lawn and gardens for years to come.

  • Keeping the environment in mind, you will have the ability to conserve water using rain and moisture technology with our wireless rain sensors.

  • With our Smart Controlled Systems you are able to control your irrigation system on your smart device anywhere you have internet or WIFI. This also cuts down on simple clock change service calls, saving you even more money.


  • We take the time to explain why we designed your system the way we did and take the time to make sure you are comfortable with the process.

  • We take great pride in caring for our customers as if you were family. We would want to be treated with respect and importance and that is how we treat our clients.  


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