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Irrigation Services


Irrigation Turn-on's


Irrigation system turn-on's can start as early as March, weather depending. If you have a Wireless Rain Sensor getting on our schedule early is recommended.

During a system start up we test all of your irrigation heads, adjust them and set your clock for the Spring watering times. This service is priced per zone with

possible repairs costs if needed.


Irrigation Winterizations

This service is extremely important for your irrigation system to minimize costly repairs. It is important that this is done properly. We can winterize commercial properties as well. We take care of several schools, motel/hotels, multihomed properties, businesses and private homes.

During a winterization we must enter the home to shut off the water, blow-out the irrigation lines and shut down your irrigation clock. This service is priced per zone and is typically done starting in October. It is important to get on our list early.


Irrigation Services/Repairs


We provide all services to Irrigation systems we have installed as well as to systems we have not installed. If your system is installed correctly you will have minimal maintenance to your system.


However, irrigation is outdoors, underground and can get harmed by foot traffic, dirt, mowers, shovels, weedwhackers, construction work and vehicles. Our trained team is able to quickly diagnose what is wrong with your system, correct it and have you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Freeman - Top Dress

Loam Top Dressing 

We are able to top dress your yard with fresh, rich, screened 

loam for optimal result reseeding projects.

Freeman - Top Dress Results_edited.jpg
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